A new beginning

I’ll keep this short, as considering my last post was in 2010 the likelihood of anyone even seeing this is fairly remote.

I’ll also refrain from writing a “I promise to post more often” post. The posts stopped in 2010 as I ran out of interesting things to write about. Since then I have developed an interest in photography, as well as my ongoing interest in all things technology based. I decided to give this blog a new lease of life, while keeping the old content as it still does get some traffic now and again, believe it or not!

If this new enthusiasm does work out then I will be writing about photography, cameras, technology, but especially the Synergy between these topics, covering aspects that will hopefully interest those with similar interests to me, such as backups, editing, printing, as well as anything else that springs to mind.

So… fingers crossed, no promises, but if anyone does read this please drop me a comment and say hi!


Z4-forum.com hits 100,000 posts

Our first online forum has finally hit 100,000 posts. In terms of internet forums it is still young, and has a fair way to go to be as big as some of the others out there, but for just over a year old it has done very well.

The forum was created in June 2007 as its predecessor disappeared overnight and we needed a replacement. It has been a fast learning experience and I could recommend it to anyone, but a word of warning, there is actually quite a lot of hard work that goes into making a successful forum.

I won’t go into the details of what it takes to succeed in the forum world, that’s for another post, but I will say it is very rewarding when it really takes off.

Multi-language websites – new feature!

We can now offer the facility to provide multi-language versions of websites. This feature is great for travel sites, information sites or any site not specifically based in a single location.

Here is an example of a multi-language website:

If you would like a multi-language site or would like further information, please contact us.

WordPress 2.6 – Upgrade complete

We have successfully rolled out the upgrade to version 2.6 of all WordPress sites we host. The upgrades were smooth and the feedback so far is good.

If anyone has any questions regarding the new features in version 2.6 please let us know.


The ThinkSynergy Team

WordPress 2.6 is out

WordPress have announced the release of version 2.6 of it’s software. There are some major changes in this release that will enhance the user experience.

Here are a few:

Press me now

A bookmark that when you press it opens up a new window and allows you to grab content from that page and enter it into your blog post.


This allows you to store copies of your javascript and CSS files locally on your laptop, amking working on your blog easier. This is great for low bandwidth connections ling GPRS.

Word Count

There is now a live word counter on the right of the screen… useful for some I guess.


This is a nifty feature. WordPress now stores versions of posts, so you can go back and see what was done when, restore to previous versions, or even compare two versions. This is a great feature and very well done!

Gallery adjustments

If you upload multiple images into a gallery on your post you can now re-order them using drag and drop. Simple yet effective!

Theme Previews

You can preview what a theme will look like before you set it live. This is useful if you want to see what a theme will look like before you unleash it on the public.

There are a few more features in the 2.6 release that I won’t go into right now. If you want to know more drop a comment on this post and I will do my best to answer.

We will be upgrading all our customer’s WordPress installations over the coming weeks, if you would like further details on this please drop us a line.

Z4-forum.com is 1 year old!

Our first large scale community site is officially 1 year old today. We founded z4-forum.com on 14th June 2007 as a replacement for a previous community of BMW Z4 enthusiasts that disappeared overnight.

We started from scratch with no information, no database and more importantly no members. In just 12 months the site has grown to have over 71,000 posts, over 5000 topics and nearly 1200 members (from Harrogate to Hawaii!). The site is growing more rapidly than ever and the knowledge base we have built up is unbelievable.

Z4-forum is a prime example of how a web community can be built up, with a bit of effort and the right people involved.

Online Shopping Promotion!

We are proud to announce our new online shopping product, featuring full shopping cart functionality, multiple categories, full user interaction and of course full customisation.

We have been working on this for the past few months and have decided to launch with a special cut-price deal. We are offering a fully customised and customer-branded shopping cart solution together with full setup and support.

Take a look at what this package has to offer:

FREE Domain name
FREE 1 Year Gold hosting
Shopping cart installation
Full corporate branding
Setup and configuration


Multiple product groups
Featured products
Newsletter management
Product promotional codes
Reporting services
Order status and history
Address Book with unlimited addresses
Full Point of Sales (POS)
Automated invoices and packing slips creation
Email Notifications of Orders
Audit records of all customer communications
Paypal integration (as well as other gateways)
Support for multiple currencies

Order now for the special promotional price of £349

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Spotlight – Complete Driver Training Ltd

Complete Driver training Ltd, a Harrogate based fleet driver training company, required a website plus business cards and flyers package to launch their brand into the marketplace.

CDT FlyersWe used the existing corporate logo and integrated it with a new colour scheme and branding in the website and designed the leaflet in the same style.  The leaflets were produced on 300gsm gloss art board, the heaviest weighted art board possible while still maintaining an easy fold. Full colour lithographic printing was used on both sides.

The business cards were produced on 400gsm, double sided (full colour) matt laminated art board and are very hard wearing.

As a finishing touch we produced a standard web size banner (below) for linking to the CDT site from other websites.

Complete Driver training Ltd - Fleet driver training in North yorkshire