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Log shipping not working in SQL 2016 – Solution

If you are having trouble getting Log Shipping to work in SQL 2016, make sure you have .NET 3.5 installed. The prerequisites state .NET 4.6, as does the version checker in the installer. However, it seems that the log shipping binary relies on .NET 3.5. I noticed this when I tried to enable log shipping […]

Removing SSH keys from authorized_keys file

If you have a server that receives connections from various computers you may have setup key based authorisation. This is a good move but occasionally you may be in a position where you want to remove a key so as to revoke access from one of the computers. To do this you simply need to remove […]

Home backup strategy

Backup strategy is something I am passionate about and something I have dealt with for a lot of my working life. This post comes at it from the angle of a home user, with options to suit the average person who wishes to protect their data. For most people it is great to have so […]

Choosing a NAS drive

More and more data being captures in various ways, from music to photos to applications, on all sorts of devices. In the average household there are at least 2 mobile phones full of photos, often digital cameras, laptops, netbooks, tablets, all of which have vast amounts of data. The concept of a NAS (Network Available […]

Force browsers to the HTTPS version of your site

After writing my posts about the benefits of HTTPS I thought it might be a good idea to write a short post letting you know how to easily send visitors to the HTTPS version of your site rather than the HTTP version. Open your .htaccess file in the root of your website (where your main […]

Uptime, and the 99.99% scam

If you have looked at the websites of hosting providers on the web you can’t fail to have seen claims of 99.9%, 99.99% or even 99.999% uptime. The higher the number, the better the deal, right? The answer is “not necessarily” It all boils down to the SLA (Service Level Agreement). This is an agreement […]

Backing up your family photos

It’s a while since I have posted about backup strategy but it’s such an important topic I thought it was worth a revisit. If you are like me you probably have all sorts of data around your house, across multiple computers, phones and devices. While everyone is different, I think most people would agree  that […]

Why you should not use VMWare snapshots

Snapshots in Virtual Machines are a great idea. They allow you to test out changes safe in the knowledge that you can revert if necessary, without any clutter left behind from an uninstall. They are brilliant for that! This post comes off the back of seeing many people using VMWare snapshots as some form of […]


HTTPS has always been used to secure websites that contain sensitive information such as Credit Card numbers, but most web site owners tend not to give it much thought outside those requirements. In 2014 Google announced it was starting to give a slight ranking advantage to HTTPS sites over their HTTP counterparts. This started out […]