A new beginning

I’ll keep this short, as considering my last post was in 2010 the likelihood of anyone even seeing this is fairly remote.

I’ll also refrain from writing a “I promise to post more often” post. The posts stopped in 2010 as I ran out of interesting things to write about. Since then I have developed an interest in photography, as well as my ongoing interest in all things technology based. I decided to give this blog a new lease of life, while keeping the old content as it still does get some traffic now and again, believe it or not!

If this new enthusiasm does work out then I will be writing about photography, cameras, technology, but especially the Synergy between these topics, covering aspects that will hopefully interest those with similar interests to me, such as backups, editing, printing, as well as anything else that springs to mind.

So… fingers crossed, no promises, but if anyone does read this please drop me a comment and say hi!