Get cash back on your online purchases

Ok, this is not really my usual blogging subject (and it is for UK folks only, sorry!) but I thought it was worth a mention considering I have spoken to a few people about it over the past few months and lots of people still have not heard of it.

quidco_logoQuidco is an online cashback site, simple as that. If you purchase things from for example, if you login to quidco first, then click their link, then purchase your item, Quidco will pay you a percentage of your sale in cash.

Sometimes you only get pennies but sometimes you can get some great deals. I have had £120 cash back off £150 worth of home and contents insurance, and $45 of my car insurance…. all for clicking a link.

The only catch is they charge £5 per year for this, but if you don’t make £5 savings then you don’t get charged, so there really is no risk at all, it comes straight out of your profit.

Check it out for yourself at

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