My soul for a Virgin

Well, after 2 years of being free of the rude, arrogant and generally poorly supported Virgin Media service I have signed on the dotted line for more of the same. Why? Am I mad? Perhaps, but alas if I want a reasonable speed Internet connection it seems there is no option.

When I say reasonable speed I am referring to something in the region of 8Mbps or above, I am not greedy. The problem is the distance I live from the BT exchange (damn me for choosing a house more than a mile away!) means the maximum speed I can get out of my line is 3.5Mbps. In this day and age for anything other than email and a bit of web surfing it is just not fast enough.

The installation is due on the 17th of this month… Whether the engineer will turn up on time we will see, and if he does will he have the correct kit? Maybe I am too cynical in my old age, but my experience of Virgin in the past has made me that way.

As for the package, it looks reasonable. I am replacing my existing ADSL (with O2) connection, my Sky+ box with sports package and my BT line and shipping it all to Virgin. I am saving a few pounds a month off my bill, losing sports (never really used it that much) and getting 50Mbps Internet in replacement to an ambitious 3Mbps.

I will promise to post my experience of the (hopefully improved) Virgin service once it is installed. I do hope I don’t regret it as O2 have given fantastic support since the beginning and if only ADSL wasn’t such utter crap I would dearly love to stay with O2. Alas as Virgin hold the UK cable monopoly I am forced to sell my soul for a Virgin!

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