Google changes – getting ahead of the game

Every now and again we hear that changes are afoot at Google that may influence how our sites are indexed, discovered and presented. The rumor mill is a busy place, but in actual fact it is possible to get a bit of a “heads up” on some of the changes without resorting to Chinese whispers or black magic.

Google have a sandbox environment, open for all to see on the Internet. Just point your browser to and take a look at their development environment. If they change the way results are presented or how predictive searches are built then it should manifest itself on the sandbox site.

I actually came to use the sandbox site last night as for some reason my connection to Google went astray but I could access the sandbox fine.

I have found a few times that Google make changes to the iGoogle pages on their sandbox site first, so it is worth checking every now and again if you are interested in seeing what’s around the corner.

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