It’s official, I am a supermarket!

Ok, not quite, but in the world of the interweb it seems I have set up shop as one of the largest supermarkets in the UK.

Last week I noticed a spike in traffic to one of my sites. When I checked the stats I could see the traffic was coming from people searching for a particular domain name in Google. People often seem to type web URL’s into the Google search field, so it is worth making sure you rank high for your domain name too!

For some reason when people entered the URL of this supermarket into Google my site ranked number 1. I found this to be quite amusing.

What I found even funnier is once they clicked my link people seemed to think I WAS the supermarket. It turns out the supermarket had a prize draw and to enter you had to fill out a survey. People were registering on my site and emailing me their opinions thinking they were in the running for a prize.

This is most amusing, as my site looks nothing like the supermarkets branding, it isn’t even close.

I do find it odd that the proper site didn’t even rank in the top 10 on Google though. They must really be in the Google bad-books!

I pointed these people in the right direction, it seemed the right thing to do, but whoever the supermarket employ for their SEO probably needs a lesson in Googlisation!

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  1. Lyndi
    Lyndi says:

    You know the old saying – traffic is traffic. The way things are on my blog at present I am thinking of adding a whole lot of supermarket names to my keywords, maybe I could also get some of these lost visitors. 😉 PS. I love the word ‘Googlisation’.

  2. Jim
    Jim says:

    @Lyndi: I have noticed a few people have dropped off the face of the planet since we hit March (I am guilty of it myself). I am not sure if it is a trend for this time of year or not. My excuse was needing to focus on some other projects ahead of my holiday in April, not sure where everyone else went to though!

    Just finished off a couple of projects, so fear not, will be over to your site soon, competing with Rarst to be king of the comments 😀

  3. Frog
    Frog says:

    Another funny example of random SERP results that benefit your site. Something you just can’t plan for but getting traffic through a user searching for a supermarket, then thinking your a supermarket is something that’s kind of unforgivable in this hi-tech, internet savvy world.

    Oh and about the AWOL readers, maybe they’re on Twitter? I think mine are lol. I don’t think people read blogs as much now Twitter is taking off? Just a thought?


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