WordPress 2.7, where are you?

The buzz in the blogosphere (oh no, I can’t believe I just said “blogosphere”!) is that WordPress 2.7 is due out. This looks to be a really worthwhile update, and brings to the table some much sought after features such as threaded comments, sticky posts and a completely re-vamped menu system.

Word on the street (what street exactly, I don’t know!) is that 2.7 was due out November 10th 2008…. well that has come and gone (in the UK, at least) and no sign of it. I am not too bothered… I am sure it is coming soon, and I would rather have a stable release than a rushed one, but I feel like a kid at Christmas….!

I will be sure to do a full write-up when it finally arrives, but for now I am off to bed! I am going to leave a mince pie and a carrot by the fireplace tonight, in case the WordPress development team come’a’visitin!


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  1. Jim
    Jim says:

    @Paul: Blimey, that was a quick response, I only posted it 30 seconds ago LOL!

    In terms of features, the admin interface has had a complete re-write by the sounds of it. This sounds like a good thing but some people are concerned about plugin compatibility for those plugins that rely on the back end.

    Threaded comments is a popular addition. This has always been possible through plugins, but now it is a core feature that has to be a bonus.

    Personally though, my fave has to be the sticky posts. In terms of using WordPress as a web platform as well as a standard blog, this feature gives lots of possibilities.

    As with lots of products, the fact that these features are now integrated into the product, as opposed to relying on plugins means that there is a better chance of your blog surviving the next version upgrade. I must admit I do dread the upgrades on some of my blogs that have 15 plugins!

  2. Tertius
    Tertius says:

    Looking forward to this myself. Though I think a lot of the newer features (except the admin system revamp) can already be done with plugins.

    Lets just wait and see!

  3. Lyndi
    Lyndi says:

    I took the plunge and upgraded to the beta 2 version. Everything seems to be fine right now and you are right, the new features are quite impressive. The only problem that could occur for the theme and plugin authors is backwards compatibility. The reason for this is the many new functions that were never available before now.

  4. Jim
    Jim says:

    @Lyndi: You are right about the backward compatibility, that is always a concern with a major release. I have had a fair bit of experience of relying on plugins, mainly on forum software, and it can be a nightmare when it comes to upgrade time and everyting breaks. That is why it is great to see more of the features I like, built into the software, so we don’t have to rely on “quite so many” plugins.

    As you know, I take a keen interest in your site, and it is great to see you pioneering with the latest version and trying out the features.

    Have you had any word as to what has caused the delay? It is odd for them to give a date then not stick to it, most of these places just say “it will be out when it is ready”. If it follows the release pattern of “normal” software we are still a way off, as we are in beta stage, next comes release candidates and then a point release?

    I must say I have not paid much attention to their prior releases, so I really can’t say how they normaly work.


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