More Firefox tips – copying text

The more I use Firefox 3 the more I like it. I recently found out 3 features for making copying text easier:

  • Selecting Multiple Areas Of Text
  • Selecting Multiple Words
  • Select An Entire Paragraph

I will explain each one in turn

Selecting Multiple Areas Of Text

Select the first bit of text you want to copy, then press control (or command on macs) and highlight another area of text. You can continue highlighting different areas while holding control. When you are done right-click and choose copy to copy the text to your clipboard to paste into your document.

Selecting Multiple Words

When you highlight text you click and drag the cursor. To select on a word by word basis double-click and drag. This will highlight the first word and add words as you drag. This works really well if you want to select to the end of a line. Sometimes if you do this via the single click method you can copy too much. This way you have more control.

Select An Entire Paragraph

Simple one. Triple click anywhere in the paragraph.

Easy when you know how!

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