Super Talent Pico USB Flash Drive – 8Gb

Considering just how many computers I seem to work with nowadays I decided that I needed some form of portable storage. When I say portable I mean PORTABLE! The reason I say this is because unless it is easy to carry round I won’t do it. Human nature I guess.

I searched the Interweb and came up with a small device that was reasonably priced, the Super Talent 8Gb. What’s the catch, I thought? Seemingly none. Ok, so it is not quite as fast as some of the drives out there, but it is no slouch either.

You can see from the picture just how tiny this is. The other bonus of this device is it is waterproof and very robust. When I saw the picture I thought it looked a little flimsy. It’s not!

So far I have got it auto syncing with my Macbook Pro and also with my work laptop. My next step is to automount a truecrypt volume on both the Mac and the PC just in case it gets lost, but for now I am just impressed with it!

I will post again once I have had time to live with it for a while, but how can anyone not love such a cute little device? (ok, so I need to get out more!)

UPDATE: Amazon now sell these… here are the links

8GB Version (currently £15.50 as of 25/2/09)

4GB Version

EDIT: This article seems to have got a lot of interest through google. If anyone buys this please feel free to leave a comment and let me know your experience with it. I still love it!

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  1. Phil
    Phil says:

    Just bought two of these for £15.50 ish each. I’m blown away – not convinced by the chain that comes with it, or the ‘super*talent’ logo – although the chain is easily replaced and I don’t really go in for logos or branding of any kind really (AND this one is also particularly easy to ignore!)
    I know microSD cards are smaller, cheaper and can go to higher capacities but all the same I’d much rather have one of these.
    Amazing design – everyone should get one (or two like me). A surprisingly sturdy little USB memory store – haven’t tested the waterproofing but I’m sure it works. Read/write totally sufficient and again surprisingly good for the price. I love them!

  2. Jim
    Jim says:

    @Phil: You made a good point about them being sturdy. Once you insert it into the USB port it is well and truly connected. I was more than impressed with the build quality.

    I agree on the branding issue, but it’s not so “in your face” to detract too much.


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