Social media spamming

Social media has been embraced by businesses small and large. It is great to see this and it is wonderful to see an interaction between supplier and provider that we have never seen before. All of a sudden it seems like companies actually do care what people are saying about them and they do care about their issues.

Unfortunately this embracing of social media also seems to be being abused. Time and time again I am seeing tweets such as :

“Win an iPad, simply retweet #SpammingCompany”

Really? Would people really do this?

It seems they will.

All of a sudden there are tweet after tweets going out with said companies advert. Whichever way you slice it, this is spam. It is an advert from a company that people did not sign up to receive.

Would these same people be so quick to send out the companies advert to all their friends email addresses if there was the carrot of a “free ipad”? Would they spam their friends in traditional methods? Possibly, but I think a lot of people would think twice about it.

It is a shame that companies are abusing social media in this way. If every company started behaving like this then Twitter would end up with such spam-noise that it will cease to be useful/interesting/engaging, and all you will get is tweet after tweet of people begging for iPads/iPhones etc.

Yes, it is very cheap advertising for a company, and gets the word out very quickly, but it is not what social media is for, and de-values the content on the social media platform.


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