Another day, a different media streamer

After the farce trying to purchase an xtreamer this week I decided last night (at 7pm) to purchase one of these:


I am going to run XBMC on it, which I have never used but looks very cool! The reviews of this kit look pretty good, although it is £40 more expensive than the xtreamer. From what I read it will stream 1080p content without too much trouble, although will struggle with flash content and iPlayer stuff. This worries me a little, not really because I want to do that, I doubt I would, but more that the bottleneck might make manifest itself in other areas at some point.

I placed my order at 8pm last night and (supposedly) I should take delivery today… we’ll see, I guess!

UPDATE: I ordered the Revo 8pm last night, and it was here by 10am this morning… now THAT’S service!

Link to Acer Aspire Revo -[Link]

Info about XBMC -[Link]

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  1. Rarst
    Rarst says:

    I like this model a lot, a one of very few early nettops on ION platform that is still compact.

    On the bad side it goes for $400-500 around here which is kinda nuts. 🙁


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