How important is a blog post title?

The importance of a blog post title is something I thought I had covered before, but looking back it seems I never posted it.  The title of a post is one of the most important aspects in terms of getting your post seen. The content of the post is actually more important in terms of the total post, but if you rely on visitors from search engines then they need to arrive at the post before they can read it, right?

There are several things that dictate how well a post is ranked by the search engines, some of the most important are:

  • The title of the post
  • The URL of the post
  • The title PROPERTY of the post (in the browser header)
  • The value of the headings
  • The amount of keywords in the body

The list does go on, but for the purpose of this post I will focus on the title.

If you are anything like me you will be quite enthusiastic about your blog post. When you write it you may be brimming with ideas, full of enthusiasm and excited to post. You write your post and come up with a great (sometimes funny) title to give the post the POW! factor.

This is a very easy trap to fall into, I have done this many times myself. It is easier to illustrate through an example.

Take this post… it is basically about the title of a blog post. Instead of naming it :

How important is a blog post title?

… I could have called it:

The risks of the POW factor

Ok, that’s not necessarily the best title in the world, but what I am getting at is I could use the title to make a newspaper headline type statement, to intrigue the reader and make them want to read on. There is an argument that actually that is the right way to do it, but we need to be aware that while a reader may be enthused by that, Google may not.

Of course, the holy grail is to combine the two, but in my opinion it is more important to optimise your post to allow people to find what they are searching for, not just from google, but from your internal search engine. If someone searches for this post 6 months down the line they may search for “post title”. This post will appear on the list, whereas it may not (or be lower down the list) if I gave it a funny title.

Some of this may seem like common sense, in that case great, but like a lot of these simple aspects to web design and blogging, it’s only simple once you know about it.

As always, comments (and other angles) are always appreciated.

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  1. Lyndi
    Lyndi says:

    It seems as if the whole question is not as simple as I thought it was. I should have given this matter more thought as I should know better.

    My preferred method of browsing is via a reader. Here the title is probably the most important thing. If I have many unread articles in my reader those titles could be the only thing I scan when I go down the articles in the reader. If a title does not catch my eye there is no chance of me visiting the relevant site.

  2. Jim
    Jim says:

    You have a good point, and I browse other sites in the same way. I guess it’s a balance between enthusing your existing subscribers, and attracting people who are searching for that content.

    Like I said, the holy grail is to combine both 😀


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