New Macbook Pro range

I have just seen the details of the new Macbook range and I must say I want one more than ever!

Last year, after a trip to New York with my Dad, and a visit to the Apple Store, I took the plunge and went for a 15″ Macbook Pro. I must say it’s the best (computer related) thing I have ever done. I love the OSX environment and love the way the machine boots in the same timescale it did when I first got it. It is light years ahead of Windows in my opinion.

The only regret I have is not spending that little bit extra (on top of the already high price) and going for the hi-resolution 17″ version. When I am doing my design work I find the 1440 x 900 screen on the 15″ (although very good quality) a bit restrictive.

It looks like the 17″ range this time round has standardised on the hi-resolution 1920 x 1200 screen. I saw this resolution in the Apple Store and I must say it is fantastic!

Once of the aspects I love about the Macbook Pro range is their durability. I am VERY hard on my laptops, you should see the state of my old Dell, or even worse take a look at my work PC. They are generally dead on their feet after 12 months! My Macbook has survived quite a lot of abuse over the past year and it still looks (and works) like new!

The cost has always been a prohibitive aspect with Apple products, especially the Macbooks, but for a product I use every day of my life I really feel I should treat myself.

So… Food…who needs that? Drink…nah, what’s wrong with water?… I have a Macbook Pro to save up for!

Links to new macbook pro’s:

MacBook Pro 15″ 2.53GHz/4GB/320GB/GeForce 9600M GT/SuperDrive

MacBook 13.3″ 2.0GHz/2GB/160GB/GeForce 9400M/SuperDrive

MacBook Pro 17-inch — 2.5GHz/4GB/320GB/GeForce 8600MGT/SuperDrive

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  1. Matthew
    Matthew says:

    Well for one I like Windows Vista! Why would you want to run OSX? Other than the great reliability, performance and usability what else have the Mac’s got going for them? 🙂

  2. Lyndi
    Lyndi says:

    One day when I am big I also want one of these. The problem is that they are tremendously expensive here where I live. Our currency is in a downward spiral which means these things are becoming even more expensive. Right now, I can only dream.

  3. Jim
    Jim says:

    I know what you mean Lyndi, 18 Rand to the British Pound last time I looked, that’s the worst I remember it for a long time!

    I tend to find ways of justifying things to myself… all those extra pixels will somehow help me find my fortune more quickly… that’s my story and I’m sticking to it 😉

  4. Zoe
    Zoe says:

    I’d love a Mac but like everyone else the price puts me off. I was in the market for a new laptop about 6 months ago when I moved house (I’m ashamed to say I left a perfectly good PC behind) and I drooled over the small, expensive laptops in Currys, then bought a £300 Toshiba from ebuyer and installed some more RAM myself 🙂

    The only Mac at work is for ‘testing’ sites on, even the designers use PCs. Everyone loves Macs though, I’d rather not know what I’m missing!

  5. Jim
    Jim says:

    @Zoe: That’s true, I was exactly the same until I was bitten by the Mac bug in the Apple Store in NYC. I think I have to accept there is no going back for me now (apart from at work, I use PC’s there). Considering how much time I spend on computers I think it’s not too costly, when compared to how much the car costs etc.

  6. Web-Betty
    Web-Betty says:

    I just recently purchased a MacBook Pro (upgraded my 7-year old PowerBook) and I love it. I’ve had some issues with it (it’s an old 2006 model), but user forums and online research helped me resolve them and I am in love.

    Do you want to know the secret to getting a MacBook Pro at a reasonable price? No tricks, no gimmicks. Buy one used. You can get a great deal on Apple computers of all kinds if you are willing to buy used. eBay and Craig’s List are great places to start. When looking through Craig’s List, be careful for scammers, however. I bought my MBP through eBay for under $1000 and couldn’t be happier.

    By purchasing your Mac secondhand, not only are you saving your wallet, you are helping the environment. You’re hitting 2 of the 3 R’s–reduce and reuse.

  7. Jim
    Jim says:

    Thank for the comments and advice Web-Betty. I actually bought my current Macbook off ebay, second hand. I got a good deal on it, but there is a slight blemish on the left side of the screen. It is not noticable on most backgrounds so I put up with it. I know I could’ve sent it back, but that would just have got messy and it really doesnt bother me. Problem is, now I am looking to upgrade it will have an effect on resale value 🙁

    I think I would still consider buying second hand, but next time I want to travel to see the laptop first, befor parting with any cash.

    By the way, I am still working on plucking up the courage to get this site reviewed on 10 Things.

  8. Tertius
    Tertius says:

    Agreed, it’s really expensive (In SA as well). But they are pretty.

    I though don’t know if we’re all just in it for the operating system. It’s a good one I have to agree.

    I’ll still always have to multi-boot with some form of Linux.

  9. Jim
    Jim says:

    @Web-Betty: I want to give this blog a few tweaks before I am ready. Will be sure to add myself onto the list at some point though, I love your write-ups.


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