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Nowadays I do most of my design work on a Macbook Pro, but spend some of the rest of my time forced to work on a Windows laptop. One thing I got tired of was bookmarking something on one laptop and then not being able to find it when I am working on the other laptop.

I use Firefox on the Macbook and the Windows laptop so I downloaded Foxmarks to see if it would resolve the problem. It works really well and I can definitely recommend it.

It simply installs as a standard Firefox extension and sits in the status bar on the bottom right. When you bookmark something the icon changes, and at the next available opportunity it syncronises with a central server. When you connect to the net on your other machine it syncronises back and you have access to all the pages you just bookmarked.

That really is it, it does exactly what it says on the tim and it does it well. You can tick the option for “sync on shutdown” so you can be sure not to miss anything. It also remembers when you delete a bookmark, and deletes it on the other machine too.

If you don’t use Firefox or use different browsers on different machines then this is not for you. There are other such utilities but I haven’t used them so I can’t comment. What I can say is if you do use Firefox on multiple machines then this is an essential addon.

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  1. Rarst
    Rarst says:

    Opera has native bookmark/notes sync. What I like most is that it syncs with Opera Mini as well. With my luck I tend to get into boring places for hours sometimes. 🙂 Browsing on mobile sucks but it’s also Internet.

  2. Jim
    Jim says:

    I didn’t know that… I tried Opera a few years back but never stuck with it, I always ended up going back to Firefox. Good piece of info though, thanks for that!

  3. Tertius
    Tertius says:

    I’ve been using foxmarks for a while now, switching between OSs all the time. It supports password syncing now too, but I don’t know yet if I’ll have all of my passwords online…

    About Opera, I didn’t know about the syncing feature. One of the reasons I use Opera (as well) is for faster browsing, you can turn pictures off with a click, that really helps when you’re in a slow browsing environment.

    Still the most standards compliant too!

  4. Jim
    Jim says:

    @Tertius: Yeah, I noticed the other week the passwords option… I have used it and it works really nicely. Not sure I would trust it with the password for my bank account, but most other things it works well with. I am forever forgetting passwords, so it’s a great (and welcome) new feature for me.


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