Entrecard designs – Not being funny, but…

I have been running with the Entrecard system for a few weeks now and have been largely impressed with it. I like the way it brings new people to the site, and although traffic hasn’t increased dramatically it has brought a few regular posters in, which in my mind is a great thing.

One thing I have noticed though is from the amount of cards getting submitted for approval to go on my site, roughly 25% are nothing to do with my subject matter (ok, that is not necessarily a problem), but 25% simply look bad.

I spent a great deal of time crafting my site to look a certain way, and I expect entrecards to look neat and tidy and not an eyesore on my site. I don’t mind if there is not a great deal of design work, plain text on a coloured background would be fine, but a JPG graphic compressed to the extent it looks “muddy” is not going on my site, however good the content.

Do people really expect to get their adverts approved, when their cards look horrible? It’s like turning up to a job interview with an un-ironed shirt with yesterdays dinner on it!

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  1. Rarst
    Rarst says:

    If people are often not even willing to pay for blog hosting… They are times less willing to pay for good banner for their blog.

    I simply used capitalized R in nice font on white background (still have it on my gravatar and such) before I got proper banner.

  2. Jim
    Jim says:

    Yeah, it is just amazing how many times I see a reasonable site, but a rubbish banner. It is not about the design, rather than the quality. If your “R” was crisp text on a white background then that’s cool, but if you save that image as 20% compression JPEG and then look at it, you will see it looks awful.

    All the ones I have shown on my site passed the test 😉

  3. Rarst
    Rarst says:

    >but if you save that image as 20% compression JPEG and then look at it, you will see it looks awful.

    I am big fan of bruteforcing PNG compression on low dithering values… What is JPEG? 🙂

    To illustrate a bit here are my previous and current banners:
    http://www.rarst.net/images/r125.png (1.3Kb)
    http://www.rarst.net/images/rarst125.png (4.9Kb)

    I had seen some professional ones that were three-four times bigger than they should because no attention to compression was given.

  4. Jim
    Jim says:

    Cool, both of those would make it onto my site (hint hint!) LOL!

    Seriously though, thanks for the examples there…. and JPEG is a very old graphics standard, like Black & White TV 😉

  5. Lyndi
    Lyndi says:

    Now you have got me feeling all guilty. My EC graphic looks terrible. I however, am ‘artistically challenged’ so I have to go find ‘someone who is prepared to design a nice graphic. I have noticed that there are a couple of places that offer this as a free service. I am going to try and find one of these.

  6. Jim
    Jim says:

    Not at all Lyndi, your graphic is fine (I have demonstrated this, as you’ve had your card on here already). The text is sharp and the card is professional, I would certainly approve it any time you want to put it on my site!

    Let me know how you get on with looking for a free service, I would be interested in seeing what they can produce.


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