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I think I speak for most small to medium size businesses when I say the bain of our life is often paperwork. We have so much on day to day that finding time to sit down and create invoices, reminder letters etc is something that can all to easily get on top of us.

Recently I discovered Blinksale, a simple, easy to use online invoicing service. I decided to try it out and it really is very good.


The interface is incredibly simple. You logon to your account and you are presented with some tabs for adding users, customers and invoices. You create an invoice template, set it to recur however often you like (in our case annually) and attach your customers to it. 




Blinksale takes care of emailing the invoice to them, and provides a nice dashboard for reminding you when invoices are overdue, and allows you to automate reminder emails.

Low Cost

There is a charge for Blinksale, based on how many invoices you send out per month. The lowest option allows 3 invoices per month and is a great way to try out the system before signing up to one of their paid programmes. 

Their categories are well laid out, so you would need a fair few clients to move you up the scale, and makes it very easy to justify paying the small amount they ask, based on the client base you have amassed.

Time is Money

Over the past few months we have saved hours upon hours of time by using Blinksale. where we would manually prepare invoices Blinksale takes care of it. It is great to get notification of invoices going out and payments coming in, similar to having a personal secretary!

Just Do It!

I can heartily recommend Blinksale as an invoicing solution. There are other solutions out there with more features and it is important to find the correct product for you. What I will say is these days it is vital to automate as much as possible, giving you time to do what you do best. Try it out and see how you get on.

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