Google Chrome

Google announced this week that it intends to make its (Beta) entry into the browser market today (the official launch is 11am PDT, so likely to be this evening). It certainly kept that well under wraps!

Their product, I must say, looks rather slick and functional, like most of the Google product family. There are a few “under the hood” differences to the other browsers on the market which, at the very least makes this release quite interesting.

The first major difference is the ring-fencing of the individual tabs. Instead of having a central browser window and tabs within it, each tab is given it’s own process. This should benefit the user on several levels.

Firstly, if one tab crashes the rest of the browser should be ok, and secondly the other browsers have suffered from memory leakage, where over time the browser takes up more system memory even though tabs have been closed. This “should” avoid that happening.

The interest I have with it is how “standard” it is in terms of rendering. The last thing we need is another browser with quirks! If it conforms to standards then it can only be good for the community.

I am also interested in how quickly it will be taken up by consumers. Google is a massive brand name for lauhching a product like this, and is a trusted name to the general public (unlike Firefox, who lots of people had never heard of when it was launched).

So, I eagerly await this evening, to download and test out one of the most exciting (to me) product launches of 2008.

In the mean time, take a look at the Official Google Chome Comic. It explains it all very well.

5:30pm, still no download… I guess it will appear later, apparently HERE (currently redirecting to google home page)

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