Google Chrome – first thoughts

I downloaded Google Chrome at 8pm this evening and eagerly fired up my PC (I use a Mac usually). After running the installer Chrome went through the process of importing my browse history, bookmarks and passwords.

My first impression was good. The browser looks clean, tidy and is a nice change. I fired up a couple of web sites and I must say it is faster than Internet Explorer or Firefox. Very impressed!

On the negative side, I have no idea why they hide the “Home” button (you can enable it from the options menu) and I really don’t understand how they handle bookmarks. I have always seen nothing wrong with a “bookmarks” menu along the top. I don’t like how IE handles bookmarks and I like Chrome’s method even less. It seems you have to drag them to a bar and there is no neat heirarchical method of accessing them. If you have hundreds of bookmarks like I do, this is not a nice interface to use.

I created a few tabs and dragged a few off the browser. I seemed to “lose” a few of them into the ether, the rest of the time they split off nicely. I need to look into this a little more and see if I can find out what happened. We need to keep in mind this is a Beta product, I suppose.

All in all I think there are positives to take from this. It is impressively fast and looks nice. I am still unsure about the “frequently visited sites” default home page, I think I will be back to iGoogle in a day or so, but I appluad them at least trying it out.

If they would just put an old fashioned menu in place instead of “tool” buttons a la Internet Explorer I would be happier, but I guess I need to get used to it. it will also be interesting to see what comes along in the way of plugins for this.

I will post again ina few days, when I have had chance to use it more… I won’t be using it 100% of the time, as they don’t have a Mac version out yet. It will be a good opportunity to compare and contrast.

As I said previously, Chrome can be downloaded HERE.

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  1. Paul
    Paul says:

    I tried it out and liked it. I’m eager to watch it over time and see if it improves much. If it’s heavily customizable, Google Chrome could end up being my browser of choice.

  2. Jim
    Jim says:

    Hi Paul.

    How did you find the bookmark side of it? That is something I heavily use in Firefox and have got navigating bookmarks down to an art (ok, so it’s not rocket science). If the bookmarking was the same as FF I think we could have something here. Am I missing something?


  3. Paul
    Paul says:

    I thought the bookmarks were okay. Google Chrome imported my bookmarks directly from FireFox, which gave me my bookmark toolbar just as it is in FireFox. That’s my main method of getting to websites, so for the most part it didn’t really give me much trouble. Finding the bookmark menu was pesky at first, but once I found it, it was fine.

  4. Jim
    Jim says:

    Hi Paul,

    I think the reason it didnt import my bookmarks was the fact I was using portable firefox, but that wasn’t really the issue for me, more that it seems the bookmarking is an afterthought, which is a shame. Saying that, it IS still beta, so they may sort that out closer to release time. Here’s hoping.


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