Slow broadband – sites take a long time to respond

A number of people have contacted us with similar issues, sites taking a long time to respond and then loading quite fast. It turns out these people are almost always ADSL users and quite often on a handful of providers (bulldog, O2, be internet etc).

The problem seems to be with the DNS servers. Quite why they are performing so poorly I don’t know, but there is an easy solution.

The solution is to use OpenDNS, free to use DNS servers that perform very well and very fast.

How to I use OpenDNS?

There are 2 ways. Firstly you can configure your computer to use them. Secondly you can configure your router to use OpenDNS.

You need to login to your router (see your router instructions for how to do this).

Once you have logged in you should see settings for Primary and Secondary DNS. You need to change these to and respectively (make note of your current settings before you do this).

Once you have done this, press “Apply”.

Your router should then reboot and the settings should take effect.

This should solve your problem. If it does not then put your settings back and call your ISP. You can now tell them you have tried using OpenDNS servers and it didn’t help, thus ruling out a DNS issue.

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