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Today I would like to talk about the importance of return visitors. People often talk about the amount of “hits” their website gets, but in marketing terms this is not nearly as important as return visitors, folks who invest time to come back and read what you have to say and look to see if there is anything new. In my experience people will do this once or twice after finding nothing has changed, then they will forget about your site. Don’t let this happen!

One very good way of producing a site that will get people coming back for more is to use a weblog (blog for short) to post latest news, links or comments on a regular basis. If you speak to people who have been using the Internet for a long time they will usually tell you they have a handful of sites they visit every day or two. If you can get people coming back to your site before you know it you will have a community on your site, this is where your special offers or latest product announcements really pay off!

As of 2008 we design every site around a content management interface, allowing you to login to the site and add news, alter text and freshen up the content. This changing content will keep people (as well as the search engine “bots”) coming back again and again.

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