Spam – how to fight it

Whether you are an Internet veteran or a fresh faced “newbie” you will undoubtedly experienced spam in your inbox at one time or another. Little blue pills, replica watches and not forgetting that bloke in Nigeria with the 3.2 billion dollar fortune he wants to share with you all club together to clutter your inbox and keep you from seeing the genuine valuable mail you have waiting for you.

There are several ways to tackle this issue. Allow me to explain.


Firstly you should if at all possible keep your email address off your web page. If it is essential it is on there then you should “obfuscate” (encrypt) it. There are ways of doing this which I will get to later.

Never use a catch-all email address

This is worth repeating… NEVER use a catch-all email address.  Spammers often guess at your email address and blanket send to all names under the sun. If you just have 1 or 2 email addresses live then you will drastically reduce the chance of spam on your account.

Spam Assassin

This checks for tell take signs of spam and gives the mail a rating based on what it finds. You set the level at which am email is classed as spam. Spam Assassin can then either mark the header as such or delete the mail altogether.

Domainkeys and SPF records

These are a little more complicated but basically give the email address authenticity so the destination server knows the email genuinely came from where it should have. This enables the server to handle the spam issue with a little more intelligence and has proven very effective on cutting down our spam levels. Please contact us to have this enabled on your account if you are getting spam.

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